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Fresh install on Cpanel using Git Version control
(08-20-2022, 06:17 PM)joebordes Wrote: that looks ok. I would suggest PHP 7.4 if possible, better than 7.3

you can work directly from the cloned repo if it is accessible through the web server.

if you are planning on having more than one install then you can copy the one you have to another name and install it again and again as many times as you need and update each install individually

Thanks Joe

I will upgrade to 7.4 I hope it does not kill my websites or other installs.

When you say accessable through the web server do I need to put the clone in the public html part of my site.
I thought your install page talked about them being separate.

I think I can just put the repository directly in the public html part of the site. and have as many of them synced as I like using the Git Versioin Control.

In the future upgrading the Git should not hurt the install right?

Thanks again for your wisdom


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