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new module development: Packing Slips
Since I found the current Packing Slips repo to be quite outdated and missing functionality, I took it upon myself to create a training repo for myself. The purpose is to create a good packing slip module from scratch (scratch being the skeleton module). Here is the repo. I'd like some help on the main PHP file:

  1. column_fields: What does this array do?
  2. related_tables: Does this mean you have to activate this line to be able to show custom field names in related lists? But you can only set the related list columns in this file right?
  3. list_fields: These are the fields used in the related list columns I think I know.. But am I using this correctly? I mean, I create a field for the related sales order on line 53, but can I do that this way? And how is the link text generated in this case?
  4. list_field_name: Is related to the previous question. Is this where the link names are generated? And if so, shouldn't I use different column names then?

That's it for now. I'll proceed creating the manifest and get back if I have more questions.

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new module development: Packing Slips - Guido1982 - 10-07-2016, 04:25 PM

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