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Creating a module record from a workflow via webservice
I'm sorry but I'm just not experienced with the system enough to grasp all these abstractions. If I understand correctly there are three different ways to create a record internally:

  1. Via the entity 'save' method. I just found out about this. It seems first I need to create a handler, or instatiation for this. An instantiation of the CRMEntity class? Or an instantiation of the module's class, since it extends the CRMEntity class by default? And is the 'entity' variable (or object) within a workflow automatically an instantiation of the moduleclass the workflow is designed for?
  2. Via the webservice Which would allow me to use vtws_create and just create a row with the column names as keys and the values as array values. The current user variable (or object?) is available by default within the workflow since I'm operating in the system I presume.
  3. Via the webservice part 2 Where I could use the 'doCreate' method, but I don't understand of which class this method is.

I will surely try the development tool since I want to learn more about this, but for now I just want to have a firm understanding of this basic functionality before I proceed with more things I don't understand yet.

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