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Working on a new theme....
I will give you all the support you need to do this, but I really do not advocate that path. I think we should go CSS Standards: flexbox

(08-25-2016, 03:47 PM)saidmsl Wrote: Hi,
just had a look on theme. quite interesting , my 2 cents
- as corebos rely only on jquery now,we can use bootstrap to make the interface responsive
ex :
buttons : ,
icons :
charts :
- an idea : get inspiration from Odoo ( for how they designed the DetailView (blocks in blow, actions on top, ...)
- the fonts are too bold

i'll try to work on a theme based on bootsrap without having to break the code too much
Personally, since the work you can do on a phone or tablet is so different I would rather:

- Develop an app that can interact with you coreBOS install
- Create separate web-apps that are responsive and interact with corebos through webservice to perform typical mobile tasks.

Adapting the CRM to be fully responsive will, I think result in something that is not ideal for desktops or mobile screens since the way you use it on a desktop id so different than you would on a mobile device. I can imagine you'd want to perform only small and simple tasks on mobile, but more complex ones in the desktop app.
I couldn't agree more! That is the path we have taken here at TSolucio. This is the main reason why we have dedicate so much time to webservice and workflows, so that these types of satellite apps can be easy to do. For example here you have one we made for timecontrol.

Also i think this is the reason nobody has made a mobile app for vtigercrm, they are to ambitious and end up not being useful for anything nor anybody, it is better to create specific tools for specific users and most of that can be done easily.

In this line I am about to release a polymer library for corebos webservice

As to the application itself I would add some support for flexbox to make it work better on tablets and smaller devices while also adding classes so you can style most things, but i wouldn't dedicate much effort to making it fully responsive.

For all those people out there saying that corebos looks old i would invite them to try it for a month, to really try to customize and use it in their company, you will be surprised how well designed, practical and productive the current UI is, and, on top of that how incredibly customizable and flexible it has become.

More to come... a LOT more to come :-)
Wow, cool timecontrol app. This could be something I could use to track mechanics time in the field.

And yes, linking to specific app pages from say an email would be a far better way I think to use techniques that are already out there to utilize the CRM in mobile devices. For the people that say coreBOS looks old: wait a little longer untill I have time to finish the new theme, makes quite a difference.

About tablets: One thing I think should change (or be added) is mouse hovers. You can't do that on a tablet, you need click actions.. But some javascript is easily written for this.

The only thing that for me is a disadvantage in coreBOS (one that I believe is on the way, and I want to put some effort in), is the absence of easy UX things like autocomplete, keyboard shortcuts and easy adding of product lines and service lines. Apart from that I also have A LOT of modules and functionality in mind that I'm willing to contribute. Since I'm getting to know the system better and better I will contribute as soon as I have time.
Take a look at the latest commit in the theme repo. It reworks the Buttonbar, so that GIF images are used. These images have NO transparancy, because they look really bad then. The buttonbar has been redesigned to be more coherent. Also I chose not to display 'faded' buttons (they don't work, so why show them). The problem here is that the calendar button, used in the detailview/createview uses the same image, which makes it weird. I'll try to see if I can change this in CSS without messing with the buttonbar.
Now that the 'actioncolumn' branch is merged, please download the latest version of the theme from github to see the changes I was able to make using this branch. Also check out the 'quick-edit' look for fields in detailview.
wow! looking really nice. the buttons work correctly now and the action panel looks neat and professional. wonderful work!

I changed the width in the quick create buttons so they center correctly and the only negative comment I have to make would be on me finding the save and cancel buttons a little to "loud", they really stand out


I see from your screenshot the buttons need some work as well. The styling not being less 'in-your-face' was on my list, the current colors are more like an 'alpha' stage just as a proof of concept. On my end however, the buttons are the same height and are neatly 50-50 distributed along the width of the containing box (like I meant to have them). Also, I 'covered' the 'or' word in the middle since it has no real function in my view, the choice is clear enough as it is. Which browser did you use for this test?

This also needs some work because one button is an <input> tag, the other an <a> and targeting needs to be quite specific. In the comments the buttons are also not 50/50 on my end, but the buttons are on top of my to-do on this project.
I usually use chrome to develop and firefox to test some things from time to time.

I think we could convert the "cancel" link to a button in coreBOS itself and eliminate the "or" completely. I would accept a PR for that or even do it myself if you think that will help. Let me know.
I've used firefox for this development, so I'll make sure to test in Chrome as well. I'll set a task in my project for the HTML-change of the buttons.

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