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Duplicate LocateMap Button
I currently renamed by Locate Map Button to ZILLOW and have the code pop up a window to search for the address in Zillow. I would like to know can I duplicate the button so I can have A LocateMap button and my custom Zillow button
The "correct" way to do this is by adding a DETAILVIEWBASIC action link on the right action panel. That will be respected with future upgrades of the code.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... dd_actions</a><!-- m -->

if you really want a button next to the one that already exists you will have to add it in the code. I would say that it is one of the DetailView*.tpl templates.

I hate to sound ignorant is there an easier tutorial you can direct me to for creating a DETAILVIEWBASIC action link? I had a little hard time understand the documentation

I was able to figure out how to duplicate the code in /Smarty/templates/DetailView.tpl to create another LocateMap button by duplicating input name="mapbutton" value="LocateMap" class="crmbutton small create" type="button" onClick="searchMapLocation( 'Main' )" title="{$APP.LBL_LOCATE_MAP}"> and changing to onClick="searchMapLocation2( 'Main' )"

, I then tried to change the code in modules/Leads/Leads.js by duplicating function searchMapLocation(addressType) to function searchMapLocation2(addressType)

Am I even in the correct ballpark here?

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