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Suggest for Mapping on Import
When user will import some file to any module, is necessary create a Mapping from column in file to field in CRM.

Normaly each module have a lot of fields, and found each fields in list, is a hardy work. There another problem with you forgot mapping any mandatory field.

Normaly, user needs prepare you spreadsheet with one column for each mandatory field, before starting this job.

I suggest, coreBOS list all mandatory fields in top of this pick list.

I think this simple change, turn this process much more easy and faster.

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eCRM Web
I will try to sort the fields in the picklist or something that makes them easier to find but notice that by default the process will search and automatically assign the picklist values for you if it finds the label in your CSV in:
- the translated field label
- the untranslated field label
- the fieldname
- the columnname

so you really shouldn't need to do any assigning at all or very little just some fields that weren't detected correctly.
Yes, i know that.

But if you don't mapping all mandatory fields, not is possible to continue, right?

My suggestion, is all mandatory will be listed in first time ...

Thanks anyway!
eCRM Web
I marked the mandatory fields in red so they are easier to see

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