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Posted by: Joana - 03-26-2024, 03:48 PM - Forum: User Support - Replies (1)

Hello everyone.
I see that within ACCOUNTS there is a PRODUCTS block but it does not present any record. 
What should I do to display the products of the offers made for the client?
What step by step should I do? I don't know how to program 
Thank you

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  [Solved] Gendoc - Contacts comments variable ?
Posted by: geraldbigot - 02-09-2024, 04:15 PM - Forum: Administrator Support - Replies (2)

Is it possible to add Comments contents with Gendoc ?
I don't see such {Contacts.comments} or something like that in EtiquetasOO
Thks for help

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  Intermittent issues after rehosting
Posted by: err1max2@gmail.com - 02-02-2024, 10:02 AM - Forum: User Support - Replies (9)

We use coreBos (crm) as back-end for our market place (front-end on WP).
Due to change of provider we had to rehost corebos server.
We copied DB and full application folder.
DNS wise everything is the same ... FQDN hasn't changed.
The only change is that, instead of using standard https port (443), we had to use a different one (xxxx).
I reflected the same in the config.inc.php

Everything seems to be working fine.
We can loging, search contacts, workflows are working fine and communication with front-end (WP) is also fine.
Not the less when we edit some contacts (not all) the application hangs and takes ages (minutes) to perform that action.
To be noted that while the portal hangs for me saving the contact, this do not impact the front-end (WP). I mean that while my browser hangs saving the record I can still navigate on my market place which is continously talking and fetching info from the crm.

In apache logs I have some Warning

PHP Warning:  Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/corebos/lib/cbSurveys.php on line 123

And under logs/vtigercrm.log I have several entries

FATAL webservice Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

Any advise or suggestion?
Let me know

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  Custom Columns in Mail Manager Send folder
Posted by: inspectorflint - 12-04-2023, 04:00 PM - Forum: Modules/Extension Support - Replies (1)


It is possible to add a new column in the send email folder of the mail manager module? I use the Gmail servers, and in the Send folder, the interface only displays two columns. Sender and Subject, and I want to add the mail recipient.

Thank you

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  Email Woes: Images Not Loading – Any Solutions?
Posted by: levis19 - 11-29-2023, 07:11 AM - Forum: User Support - No Replies

I've been facing an issue lately where emails are not loading properly, and the images within them aren't displaying. Has anyone else experienced this? Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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  Workflow and field between to modules
Posted by: LorenzoGreco - 11-16-2023, 07:43 PM - Forum: Administrator Support - Replies (3)

Hi All
i use coreBOS 8.0  (32c52415420230331)

I've a problem with an automaitc email using cbTraining and Contacts module

I would like to send a mail with a customizable url to prefill some pool fields
somethink like https://mypool.paperform.co?FIELDCOURSE=$training_no&FIELDSTUDENT=$Contats_no
honestly i don't use $training_no but a custom field called Training_name
Paperform syntax is correct, the problem is how to merge this 2 fields in a corebos workflow e-mail.

I can't do a general workflow  for contacts module, mass edit scheduled, with a task with email, using a sintax like
https://mypool.paperform.co?FIELDSTUDENT=$Contats_no&FIELDCOURSE=$(general : (__VtigerMeta__) relatedlist_cbTraining_text_training_no)
and an other workflow for training to recall on related contact the previous workflow
because logically 1 student is able to attend more courses

so if i try to make directly a Training workflow with an email task i've 2 problems
1) i don't know how to set the Task Operation Recipient email if i set $(general : (__VtigerMeta__) relatedlist_Contacts_text_email)
doesn't send emails.

2) to try other i set in task operation recipient my personal mail (mymail@gmail.com to try  at least the customizable link in the email body
i tried this kind of url
https://mypool.paperform.co?FIELDSTUDENT=$(general : (__VtigerMeta__) relatedlist_Contacts_text_contact_no )&FIELDCOURSE=$cf_1292"
explain $cf_1292 is a cbTraining custom field
FIELDCOURSE works  Contacts_no returns strange value

so i tried with https://mypool.paperform.co?FIELDSTUDENT=$(general : (__VtigerMeta__) relatedlist_Contacts_text_firstname )&FIELDCOURSE=$cf_1292" to try to understand, and report also the Label  "Firstname" Lorenzo with special caracter %0D  (carriage return)

is there a way to solve this?

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  Orden en Custom View Leads
Posted by: juanmax - 11-16-2023, 05:44 PM - Forum: International - Replies (7)

Hola de nuevo, Joe:

Espero que estés fenomenal y que todo esté yendo más que bien Smile

Quería consultarte, porque casi seguro que es un problema mío, que al intentar ordenar los leads por fecha de creación en una "Custom View" que he creado, he intentado poner en "Sort by field" el campo "Modified Time", para que se ordene por esta columna, pero no ordena los leads...

Seguro que estoy haciendo algo mal...

Como siempre, muchas gracias por tu ayuda.

Un abrazo.


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  [SOLUCIONADO][SOLVED]Nombre de adjunto en correo electrónico generado como «Acciones»
Posted by: juanmax - 10-30-2023, 11:48 AM - Forum: International - Replies (2)

Hola, Joe:

Espero que estés fenomenal y que esta semana empiece muy bien Smile

Quería consultarte acerca de si es posible cambiar el nombre del adjunto que se genera cuando, por ejemplo en el modulo «Presupuestos» selecciona la opción de «Acciones - GenDoc». Por defecto, el pdf generalo lleva el nombre "Presupuesto_número.pdf".

He probado a utilizar el procedimiento que comentáis en el foro acerca de la variable global «GenDoc_Attachment_Name» asociada a un mapa de negocio, pero, mientras que las opciones para generar el pdf «Generar PDF» lo hace correctamente, «Enviar PDF» no lo cambia y mantiene el nombre por defecto que te he comentado "Presupuesto_número.pdf".

La pregunta es, ¿es posible cambiar este nombre con este procedimiento u otro? y si es así, seguramente es que estoy haciendo algo mal... Big Grin

Como siempre, muchas gracias por tu ayuda.

Un abrazo


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  [SOLUCIONADO] [SOLVED] Gendoc no funciona correctamente con otro idioma
Posted by: juanmax - 10-20-2023, 04:29 PM - Forum: International - Replies (15)

Hola, Joe:

Espero que estés fenomenal y que todo esté yendo más que bien con el nuevo proyecto Smile

No quiero molestarte demasiado, aunque creo que, después de los últimos cambios que has hecho en GenDoc hay un pequeño inconveniente.

Todo funciona correctamente en ingles, pero si el usuario utiliza el lenguaje español, los enlaces de las «Acciones» que se refieren a GenDoc, como «Generar PDF», «Enviar PDF», etc. dejan de funcionar (no hace nada el enlace)

No he probado con otros idiomas, pero ¿puede ser que se haya quedado algo por traducir?

Si necesitas que te eche una mano con la traducción, cuenta con ello, porque aunque mis conocimientos técnicos son limitados creo que esa tarea si puedo realizarla... Smile

Un abrazo.


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  Attachment in e-mail not working
Posted by: momomonet - 10-16-2023, 11:56 AM - Forum: User Support - Replies (2)

Hi Joe,

since the last update, i have the following problem while sending email.
Attachments are not sent.
I have that case in Contacts module while choosing email section and also in a workflow that should send email with PDF files and finally does not.

Do you have any idea please?
Thank you

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