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My picklist defaults to #empty# for profiles where this field is disabled
I have the following setup:
  • People of the sales profile convert quotes to salesorders
  • In salesorders, there is a picklist called 'Goods ordered', which has two values: Yes and No
  • I have a business map in place that sets a CONST value for that field when a quote in converted to a salesorder. This defaults the picklist to 'No'
  • The field is hidden from the sales profile, since they have nothing to do with that
  • The picklists' default value is 'No'

Now my problem is, when sales people convert the quotes to salesorders, the picklistvalue will stay empty. Nothing in the cell in the database, and on the frontend it resolves to #empty#. This doesn't change when I set the field to 'active' for this profile but lock it. The only way I can make it work like I want to is to give the sales profile access to the field, which I don't want.
There is no field configuration for what you are trying to do. If a field is marked as readonly for a user that user simply cannot save it.

I guess we would need to add a new displaytype for that functionality.
Ah, OK. So that user could not even save it to its default value?
Yes, something like that, the idea would be that the user could not save it, just see it (read-only) but the workflow system could save it.
You mean for a new display type? My primary goal here is to fill out a field correctly (with the value from either the business map or the default value) without the user ever seeing the field. Other users should see that field though, set to the correct default value in stead of #empty#

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