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Suggestion for coreBOS Quick Related List Widget
I wish use this, but my related list is too long, like as in video

Because this, user says screen has many itens, not clean ...

If I removed a link, system remove in tab "More Information" too ..

I suggested implemented a way, to choose what link is showed in quick related list, and another way, choose links for "more information" tab
eCRM Web
coreBOS is so powerful at this point that this was really easy to implement. I used the Module Set Business Map and passed it through the Global Variable module as we do with most of the other GVs. So now if you define a Module Set Map named {module]_QuickRelatedList and select the modules you want to show, it will show only these instead of all of them. You can also create a GV named BusinessMap_[module]_QuickRelatedList and select any module set map you want to have different modules per user or role.

About 9 lines of code:

I also applied some LDS styling to the table.

Merry Christmas!

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