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Lead conversion: leads not showing up anymore?
We've only very recently started to use the Leads module. During a test I noticed that a lead, once converted, isn't showing up in the module's list view anymore and is basically emptied and gone. I'm wondering what the purpose of this is. I mean sure we can change the status to converted and show that but why block the entire record? Do we have some global variable for this?

This is a valid question. This is the default behavior that was already present in sugar crm (!!) and that we have inherited. I understand that the goal of that was to avoid converting a lead again and to reduce the noise that those, already converted leads, would cause.

When we started coreBOS we added the "See Converted Leads" toggle button in the module which permits you to hide the non-converted leads and show the converted ones or viceversa. You will find that button on the Leads list view and once activated it should take effect in the whole system.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes as I haven't touched that feature in a long time.
Hey Joe,

Will take a look at that. Unfortunately this installation is older, so the button is not there yet. I see in my own install that it's there.

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