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Some problems with (scheduled) reports
I'm experiencing some problems with reports:
  • No matter which type in choose in the sending of scheduled reports, when I re-edit the report it always defaults to 'URL'. I checked the database, the save happens correctly but if you don't pay attention when editing a report your scheduled report will default to URL and send out that way.
  • Scheduled reports don't use the same filtering as the reports in the application. For instance, we have a report that filters on the statusses for PurchaseOrders (they may NOT be those two statusses). We filter on the translated statusses, which works in the application. When we receive the scheduled report however, we receive many many more purchaseorders, including the ones that have the statusses we filtered out.
  • We always have to set the time two hours early (one hour during the winter). Even though I set the time zone for the user correctly (UTC +02:00 in august). Where does the scheduled report system get the time it needs to send its reports? From the user or from some global value? I checked the date command through SSH, it displayed the correct time so server time is correct.

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Some problems with (scheduled) reports - Guido1982 - 08-21-2018, 12:44 PM

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