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Stock states: which ones are appropriate
Hi Gerald,

I just had a talk with Joe about ERP stuff. I have some buns in the oven on this. First of all I want to revamp inventory modules like invoices, quotes etc. To use a new block that works directly on inventorydetails. Then the inventory-functionality should not be limited to the 6 modules hardcoded in the system. There is some mockup here, I think Joe still has an online version of it but you could clone it and fire it up I think.

There is also this. But that it quite specific and does what I needed it to do at the time. I would like to bring a lot of that functionality into the main system. Lastly but most powerfull: this module is quite simple but will allow you to attach all kinds of workflows to an inventory mutation.

That are some of the pieces I've developed so far. Now to put them all together.

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