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Basic concept of out unit tests
Quote:what do we want to do here?

My current goal is to create unit tests for as much of the application as we can.

Quote:Is there a certain guideline for the directories and files?

Yes, following testing recommendations, each test should live in the exact same place as the soruce file it is testing, with the same name but ended in "Test". For example,


contains tests for:


Quote:Do we want to write tests of which we know they should pass or do we want to test known bugs so we can remind ourselves of what we still need to fix?

write tests that should pass. the idea is that the current set of tests should pass against the test database, so we can "prove" that the changes we make don't break existing functionality

Quote:Is there any other etiquette that I should know of?

no, just apply the same code formatting we follow in the code and keep the dialog open so we don't overlap each other's work

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