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Background of the financial fields
Since I'm working on a module that will introduce a new inventorydetails block and will also implement the now 'standard' financial fields that live on the stock inventory modules. I will use the master-detail businessmap definition as described in the wiki, but to be able to do so I would like to know the purpose, unit (%, currency or just no.) and exact formula for each of the following fields:
  • pl_gross_total
  • pl_dto_line
  • pl_dto_global
  • pl_dto_total
  • pl_net_total
  • pl_sh_total
  • pl_sh_tax
  • pl_adjustment
  • pl_grand_total
  • sum_nettotal
I will later specify this in a readme that we could also feed back into the wiki

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Background of the financial fields - Guido1982 - 07-26-2020, 12:38 PM

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