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Do validations only allow true or false
Well, the initial assignment I got is: When a salesorder is saved, make sure the shipping address corresponds with the one on the account and provide a dialog to overwrite the salesorder shipping address when it doesn't correspond.

So I like the backend stuff (for which I understand I can choose between a business map and a presave business action) to look in the database, check the account and see if the addresses correspond. Now using a presave business action I can do that. I receive the context, can do a DB lookup, see if the addresses correspond and respond with some information that my frontend JS function can understand and deal with.

I can't perform that same validation in the business map, in stead I would have to make my JS do an AJAX call to some lookup code I would have to write on the backend, return that and then prompt the user when necessary. Seems like double work when I can also use a businessaction to do that work, but that's where the problem is: business actions don't seem to work for me, so I'd like to know why and how I can fix that.

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