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Triggering workflows on field changes to a field a user does not have access to
This one is quite complicated and took me a while to figure out. This explanation is hypothetical but realistic:

Let's say I create a checkbox on salesorders called 'check A'. I have user U that has profile P. Profile P does not have access to check A, so subsequently user U does not have access to check A. Now user U alters some ticket that is related to a salesorder. I, the admin, have a workflow installed on tickets that sets check A to 'true' when certain conditions on the ticket are met and triggers the workflows on the related record (so, the salesorder). Subsequently, I have a workflow on salesorders that monitors check A. When check A is changed to 'true', I want to send an e-mail. So basically, user U can do some work on a ticket that triggers a chain of events that in the end, sends an e-mail from a salesorder.

The above will only work when I give user U access to check A. I can make actions that user U does on a ticket alter check A, but the second part of the chain, monitoring whether check A has changed to true, requires access to check A I presume, which the workflow does not get (I think) since it is executed by user U, who is not allowed to access check A.

This is not a major problem, but does require me to present user U with fields they don't need and therefor confuse them, just to make my workflow work.

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Triggering workflows on field changes to a field a user does not have access to - Guido1982 - 02-08-2021, 09:41 PM

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