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My wishlist for the calendar
I know Joe is working on the calendar. I've done some work (not very nice work) on it but I'll leave it alone for the time being since I'm busy with other coreBOS things. Anyway, I still use it daily so here is my wishlist (will expand) for now:
  • A marker in the left gutter that tells the current time.
  • The possibility to limit the time per day. I know we have the 'day starts at' and 'day ends at' options, but the field is still scrollable, so I unintentionally wind up at 2am while scrolling my mouse wheel a lot. So what I mean is really don't show the non-desired hours at all.

I'll expand this list as I go along. Of course any input is welcome.

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My wishlist for the calendar - Guido1982 - 02-02-2016, 06:56 PM
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