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Creating a user select for backup folders
I am maintaining an installation that has a lot of files in the storage folder. Since this is in active use, I create backups every night. Once every so often I delete old backups. Also, I altered the backup script so that the storage folder is not backupped, since this will cause massive server load and take up space. In stead, I manually backup the storage folder. In my effort to move to an installation that can be easily updated without loosing the functionality I need, I'd like to offer to create a branch where I extend the backup settings screen to choose the folders to backup, and maybe even auto remove backups that are older than X days. Now my question is, is there any desire to incorporate this into the core codebase? If there is, I can start making this. If there is not, I'll spare myself the effort.

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Creating a user select for backup folders - Guido1982 - 07-04-2016, 04:18 PM

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