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Creating a user select for backup folders
Great, thanks. First thing to do is create a roadmap, which leads to the first question: The preferences a user sets should be stored somewhere. Which database table would be best suited for this, if any? I'm a little familiar with the database structure, but ont enough to answer this question. Or would the creation of a new table be best for this?

Didn't see your last reply before I posted my last before this, will read.

I'll setup a test server (can't update my own because I'm working on the theme there, including the updated files regarding CSS and JS) and test the module to get a better understanding of the Business Maps. Basically I have to understand which events it responds to. Let me start a thread on the questions I have from the docs.

(07-04-2016, 04:29 PM)joebordes Wrote: If you really have time to do the interface you can now enhance the Business mapping and create the XML in a GUI.

So basically, create a record in the 'vtiger_cbmap' table and alter the contents of the record through a GUI?

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