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new module development: Packing Slips
(10-08-2016, 07:18 PM)Guido1982 Wrote: And now for my most difficult question yet: how do I go about creating an inventory module? I could start with for instance the 'EditView.php' file from SalesOrders and move from there, but do I need to take any additional action to tell the system that this is an inventory module?

coreBOS does not have a Master-Detail solution. Even less with the Inventory modules.
The way the Inventory modules are programmed, the "Detail" part is saved internally in a non-standard table. This complicates everything and it is not the way I would recommend you solve this.
Since all the logic in the product lines of the inventory module is hardcoded it is hard to modify and maintain, specially in a way that would permit extending easily. The way the guys at ITS4You solved it when creating IssueCards and ReceiveCards (the base of the two modules available on github) is to replicate all the code and templates in their module. It is a solution and works rather well for us because we have two more inventory modules (for a total of 6). That is really enough in many of our installs.

When we need to implement a new Master-Detail module what we are currently doing is creating two modules; one for the master information and the other for the details. Then you use the related list. If you need more we program it, using detail/edit view blocks

keep asking

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