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About "Webservice_Session_Idle_Time"
I remember having looked at the session lifespan a long time ago (when it was still vtiger CRM) and making a mental note that the whole session management was incorrect, to the point where the session was never expired.
So you can imagine my surprise to this discussion.
I got around to testing it today and I think I can confirm that it definitely does not expire.

I created a script that uses direct cURL calls to login. Then I get the sessionid and created another script to launch a query. I did this twice, once with the default value of 86400 and another with 60 in the maxLife global variable. Then I launched the query with no problem for over an hour. I shut down the laptop and turned it back on an hour later: both sessions were still valid and working.

Obviously, we will have to look into this and get it fixed, but in the meantime, you should be able to do what you want to do.

Here are the scripts:

let me now how it goes

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