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How to make date conditions work with workflows
I want to get a workflow running 24 hours before a scheduled calendar item but I can not figure out how to set the right conditions.

I set the first field to "date_start" and the second to "days_later". In the third field I use an expression: "1".

The test with evalwf.php is positive but the mail is not sent.

Are there any ideas what I could do?
Have a look at the explanation on this documentation page, see if that helps.

Also have a look at the "Notify when a task is delayed beyond 24 hrs" workflow which does something similar.
Great, it took me a while but I figured out a nice way to do it:

First I set the workflow trigger on fixed time with daily check at 7.30.
Second I set a condition ”Start date and time (System date)” ”is” expression: ”add_days(get_date('today'), 1)”

Now my reminder tasks are triggered every morning to remind for the upcoming appointments on the next day.

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