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Would this usecase be a candidate for any of the new report types?
I have a usecase that is not completely thought through yet, but I would like to leverage one of the new report types to combine work with fun. Would this be applicable:

I need to get salesorders, for a certain time period and a certain user. That part is easy. I also need to get the inventorydetail records (or product lines) that belong to that salesorder, their related product name, quantity, sell price and cost price. Then, lastly I need to get all the related invoices per salesorder to determine the invoice with the latest date.

De we have something like reports with sub-items yet? Something like grouping? So basically top-level would be the salesorders, then beneath that the inventorydetail lines and the invoices.

As you can see I'm not 100% sure about the data I need yet, just want to experiment with the new report types.
No there is no way of doing that report in coreBOS. In fact, I think you would have a hard time in any tool, even specialized reporting tools.

The SO report alone is very doable, you should be able to do that one with the normal reporting system

The Invoice report can be done with the SQL report type putting conditions on the SO relation and then making the invoice date bigger or equal to a subquery on the maximum invoice date of all the related SO. At least I think you should be able to do it:

I see no way of mixing both reports without programming something.

I was afraid of that, still thanks for the link, good read it seems

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