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How to create a report of records that have missing date?
I need to create a report of assets and filter those on a custom date field. The filter criterium is that the field should be empty (it is not mandatory). We want to create a list of assets where that date is missing. But in reports, I can't filter on empty dates since an empty string is not a valid date format. I also tried a dash '-' and '00-00-0000', but without success. How can I filter reports on empty date fields?
Have you tried a dollar sign?
The code for that to work is there:

but it doesn't get the results, while I have someone look into that you can use the other accepted format: --$

that string worked for me
Thanks! I'll try that. Never occurred to me that this could be in the docs..
Seems to have done the trick for me. Glad to see I only got 5 results. I included the column that I wanted to check in the report, all dates showed 00-00-0000 (which is SQL for no date if I'm not mistaken).

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