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Suggestion for Service Contracts and Global Variable b2b
I setting in my system global variable Application_B2B to 0, i wish my system for default relation in Contacts

In same modules, I note, system still created ( for deault ) relation in account ( or picklist value default is account ) ..

I know is possible, change manually, but this is not a user friendly and the possibility user make a mistake is bigger

I suggest, if variable is 0, in module Service Contracts, Tickets and Tasks, the default value is a Contact

What you think about it?
eCRM Web
The correct way to do this is creating an optional changeset. There are too many changes to be done with just a global variable. We have to create a changeset that applies all the necessary changes and then permits you to undo them. One of those changes would be to define the global variable, so you would just need to unblock and apply the changeset on any install that you needed it.

This has been on our roadmap for ages, almost since the start of the project but it has never received any care, mostly because it requires to sit down and define all the implications and necessary changes in order to construct them in code.

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