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Filter with related modules
A good improvement in filter, as the possibility list and test field not only for the same module, but fields in related module

But this improvement causes a colateral efects, because same fields has the same name in many modules

Exemplo, for subject, assigned to, and other

First problem, is for a visibility for user, because title in filter shows the same name, without identify a module

Other problem, in test, occurs the same, not easy identify what module is refer a field, in same exemple, system shows "assign to" but not identify what module is belongs to.

In fact, when editing filters condition, is possible identify filed, because is separated in group for each module, but not working correctly for me.

For example, filter in task To Do, related a opportunity, I chose assigned to in Task, but condition is created in SQL command, get a assigned to for opportunity modules ...

If I redo a condition filters, filter works again
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