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Workflow assistance
Hi All,

I have a number of assets that require regular maintenance, like vehicles and generators. What is the best way for information such as odometer reading and engine hours to be collected regularly and stored in CoreBos?

Ideally we would keep the historical records of this data, not just updating a custom field on the asset.

Then a workflow would be created for this..

regular task for user to collect and input data.
notify manage when task not completed
calculate if asset requires service -> notify user / create task for service.

Is this possible?
I would recommend adding a new module for this. A module that would represent the measurements you want to register, the date and person who took them. This module would have a 1:m relation with the asset so it would appear as a related list in each asset.

Then you have two approaches to creating the regular task.

1.- You create the first measures record when you create the asset and have a workflow that automatically creates the next measurement record to be done on the next date. This record is en status "pending" and when it is marked "done", you trigger the same workflow to create the next record
2.- A Scheduled workflow retrieves all the measures whose time span has elapsed and creates new records for you every day

To notify of overdue tasks is easy with a workflow, you can have a look at the default calendar delayed workflow that does exactly that, it reminds you of a task due yesterday

As in point 2 above, you can create a scheduled workflow to notify about assets that require service and create tasks

Yes, very possible, this is a classic!

have a look here if there is some module that adapts to your needs as a starting point. Note that you could recycle some other module that you know you are not going to use, just change the relations and create custom fields in the layout editor

keep asking and let us know how it goes
forgot the link :-(
Am I miss understanding the concept of Asset in Corebos? When creating an Asset - It requires a link to a Product.

I was attempting to use Asset to register our company owned items - like vehicles, etc.

I don't want vehicles to be in the Product database, because we don't sell vehicles..

What's the best way to register vehicles in the Asset database? Create a dummy product?
change the PRESENCE column in vtiger_field, directly in the database, that will permit you to make it non-mandatory
Great! thanks..

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