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PBX Manager - filter only calls with assigned user is owner
Today I can created a filter to list call to and from into coreBOS

But I need created a filter to list only my clients

In other words, today pbx manager not include in filters fields related to .. if is possible I can choose field assigned to is "current_user"

How I can solved that?

There any other ideia?

thanks a lot!

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I tried changes a way a pbx works, to solved in parts my demand ...

Normally, pbx has a queue with all users extension and pbx pick up one extension is free when received a new call

Problem is coreBOS not associate a call to a coreBOS user, until your specific extension is ringing

When I eliminated a queue in pbx and setting all incoming calls to a unique extension and able this extension in coreBOS, I can capture all caller ids

Not solve a 100% a need, but 50% ...
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