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Some questions about new e-mail options
I've been reading about the new e-mail configurations (sending platforms, per-user SMTP config) and have some initital questions:
  • We have the option to replace our outgoing server with a platform like Mailchimp or Sendgrid, but what if we both do that and configure SMTP servers per user. What will be preferred?
  • Is the difference between 'Marketing' and 'Transactional' specifically a Sendgrid thing? And what makes an e-mail qualify as one of the two?
As far as I remember user SMTP settings are ignored by the Sendgrid integration. It would be the responsibility of that integration to respect the new settings but it really doesn't make much sense to use individual sendgrid accounts.

Yes, Marketing and Transactional is only supported by sendgrid and in some specific mass action modules we have (marketing dashboard)
Is that to say: SMTP settings are ignored when sendgrid is activated? Or when sendgrid is used to send an e-mail?
Yes, correct
Nice, good to have that as some fallback info here

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