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task in workflow rest functions
(12-03-2019, 07:36 PM)rslemer Wrote: I wish calculate a diff between the follow up day and today

In fact I wish created a report for list all to dos in past, using  follow up date

I try use a expression time_diffdays(get_date('today'), followupdt )+1

but not working

Is possible rest two functions in workflow?

Or exists another way to do that?

La forma mas sencilla es usando expresiones en "Condiciones" del flujo.
Te muestro una imagen (lo siento, en español) donde uso varias condiciones para el envío de recordatorios con partes (incidencias) atrasados.
The simplest way is to use expressions in "Conditions" of the flow.

I show you an image (sorry, in Spanish) where I use several conditions for sending reminders with overdue parts (incidents).

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