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Popup open hook
I tested the wiki example for using a popup hook to filter the popup list of Assets based on a given Product's name. This is about the behavior of that popup list and the fact that it works, but if the result is split in more pages, when you go to the next page it reverts to the original 'all' list.
So in more detail, i can't be sure if I'm doing it entirely right and that procedure might be deprecated now with the business actions but:
-i did saved the js file
-i did execute the php that contains the addlink instruction
-i did insert in Products.php the condition(before the existing one in that function)
The hook did not work until i defined a business action stating what was in the addlink php. But then it worked, at least for the first page. It shows the correct number of results and the button for 'show all' but if you move to another page it loses the whole list and reverts to the default all list.

You have to add cbcustompopupinfo like a paremeter in the url when you open the popup. In this paramter you have to add the field names that you are using to filter.

You can read this on the wiki:

Here you can see examples and you can read a warning with the title: !! NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT !!

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