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Basic validation on typeofdata questions
We have some =typeofdata]documentation concerning the basic validation, but I don't fully understand it.
  • What is 'OTH' in the date examples?
  • In
    D~O~OTH~GE~dateinservice~Date in Service
    , are the last two columnname and fieldlabel of the field we are comparing with?
First, this type of validations is obsolete and not recommended, I recommend you use validation maps
We have some code in place to try to respect the backwards compatibility of typeofdata

The syntax is: "validate the field that has this typeofdata, comparing it with this OTHer field, with this operator (GE) and show this label translated if it doesn't pass"

So, the answer to your question is: Yes, they are the OTHer field we are comparing with
Aah, that makes sense. Well yes I use validation maps all the time but when creating a new module it's real easy to just implement this validation method, in this case when you want one datefield to be after another.
I understand. You can use it, it should work and, as you know, I like backwards compatibility

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