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Custom workflow 'meta' functions
OK so following the two threads on extending workflow functionality and/or e-mailing comment content I'd like to propose something that I'll code as well. Since the comment function is based both on being triggered on the module record that is the parent of the comment and also uses the dedicated comment tables for for instance tickets, it just doesn't cut it for me.

I want the sending of an e-mail to be triggered by the comment itself being saved for the first time, I want to get the previous sibling comments and I want to send information from the parent record and records related to that parent record. So I want to create a custom function that I can call in the e-mail. So I'd like to extend the VTSimpleTemplate class and be able to call custom functions in the e-mail that fit my exact need.

How would I go about extending the engine to allow developers to call custom functions? So basically:
$(general : (__VtigerMeta__) mycustomfunctionname)

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