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Migration from vTiger 5.4 to Corebos 8

I would like to know if someone already tried to migrate data from one server with vTiger 5.4 or CB 5.x to latest Corebos version by doing a soft migration.
My idea is to keep my vTiger 5.4 server which is used in production working until my new Corebos server is ready.
When all my tests on my new CB server is done, I want to copy all missing/newer data to my CB server then put it live in production.
My CB server has been created from a clone of my VT server then upgraded to CB8 and I prefer not to do it again.

There will be only data in these modules to copy:
- Contacts
- Products
- Leads
- HelpDesk

Of course I need to keep the relation between an entry in Contact and Products for example.

Thanks for your help
Hi Steve.

coreBOS has a powerful import functionality. I think that if you save the date where you copied your database to make the migration. You will be able to filter the 4 modules based on their modifiedtime field. That will give you all the records that have been changed since the migration.

Export that information and then import it into coreBOS using the "merge" functionality. That will get you all the data without to much effort.

Then the relations are a little harder. There are not to many relations between the 4 modules above, in fact I think that it is only contacts-products, as you do not mention documents (which is another issue completely) not calendar events (for example). In any case, the first thing you have to do is try the Export/Import Relations extension.

Keep asking.
Hi Joe,

well noted thanks for your assistance.

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