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Automatically filling relation type fields when creating a record from a related one

We are trying to define a Business Mapping that would automatically fill some of the fields on a new record when creating a new record from a related one (i.e. Asset -> Support Ticket; Sales Order -> Purchase Order).
This works fine with Text type fields, however, we cannot make this work for Relation type fields on the creating record.

What would be the proper way to do this to make it work?

Example: we need the Mapping to fill the "Asset" field (cf_713) in the Support Ticket record with the Asset name when creating Support Ticket from Asset. "Asset" field (cf_713) is relation type. Map name is Assets2HelpDesk.


Many thanks.
try with <OrgfieldName>record_id</OrgfieldName>

or recordid (don't remember)

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