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workflows function expression
First, why not just use coreBOS native workflow expressions? You should be able to do everything you need directly there. We haven't been doing custom functions for a long time and the ones we do are REALLY specific and complex things or situations where we want to optimize speed. The workflow language should be powerful enough to do the calculations you need.

I'd say the function is incorrect because you have two different offsets including files:

include '../';
require_once 'include/database/PearDatabase.php';

one of those has to be wrong, because either you are in a subdirectory and can "go up one" to get in which case the include PearDatabase is going to fail, or you are at the top directory where the code will find Peardatabase but not

A few notes:

- load vtlib/Vtiger/Module.php, which will load everything you need
- save your logs in the logs directory: it is a security issue to leave them lying around anywhere that they can get downloaded from the internet, the logs director is protected (if you have your apache correctly configured)

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