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Looks like workflow Invoice UpdateInventoryProducts on first save is not working
Would like to ask for a support, how to check the workflow is working or not? And where to search for error?
It looks like at our system invoice workflow UpdateInventoryProducts on first save does not work, because number of products on stock does not changes.

Thanks for advices
the steps I follow to debug a workflow are

1.- review the logic. almost always it is setup thing. make sure the conditions are correct, the sequence of the tasks, the tasks themselves, ... look at the other workflows of the module, in case there is some conflict...
2.- if that is correct, activate background log: edit log4php, at the end you will see a section for background, this is the log file for workflows, activate it and launch the workflow, you will see a lot of information related to the execution
3.- isolate the workflow: deactivate the others and launch this one alone
4.- if it is completely breaking the system activate PHP error reporting and full application log

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