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Working on a new theme....
There is a beautiful theme too
(08-29-2016, 12:35 AM)rslemer Wrote: There is a beautiful theme too

I've seen this theme, but it hacks into the core files as well. This is not the intention of a theme. For instance, the sidebar is a step away from what is available now. This could be a feature request, but that is more 'core-related' than theme related.
I think so, because has lot of changes ..

A new dashboard is very good, and I think, visual is only a problem with them, today.
I know so, I've tried the theme, just out of curiosity.

A new dashboard is more of a module thing. Something I've been thinking about but since I have a lot of unfinished projects laying around something I'll keep thinking about without taking action for now.
let's discuss it when you get there, I have a few ideas about it also
Great. Let's make a better useable dashboard. One of the things I've been examining is C3.js, a library that lets you create easy graphs. One thing I've learned from looking at Exact Online is graphical widgets create a lot more easy-to-read info. But as I said, this will take some time before I get around to it.
I fell in love with this one a long time ago:
Looks very nice. I like the resizing, the drag-n-drop could maybe be more intuïtive but I don't have much experience using drag-n-drop libraries. This page could very well be using C3.js to render the graphs on it though. If anything, it'll be a combination of multiple JS libraries I think to create a new dash.
I had a look at C3. It is based on D3 and the license on that is full copyright:

that means that the creator can change that and reclaim whatever he wants at any moment. So we can't use that for coreBOS.

I would suggest Chart.js

first look is interesting and the license is open source friendly.

What do you think?
Ah, I'm not familiar enough with licences, but good call.

I've had a look, and at first glance it looks like Chart.js is even more comprehensive than c3.js. I like the fact that it is very well documented, that indicates it is a project that people care about. So yes, I think Chart.js could very well be a good replacement (or maybe even improvement) for c3.js

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