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Migrating custom modules from vtiger 6
Hi again,

According to these instructions I managed to get my custom modules loading:

- copy all files from the vtlib/ModuleDir directory into the directory of the module.
- change the three ModuleFile.* to YourModule.*
- edit and adapt the first part of YourModule.php
- adapt the language files

Everything went amazingly well. Pretty straightforward process. I really like this code structure, it is much more clear than vtiger 6. Every method is there and ready to be overridden if necessary.

I only had one minor problem:

The query in function getInventoryCurrencyInfo() in InventoryUtils.php fails for currency fields. I am pretty sure this has to do with the fact that I am coming from vtiger 6.3 and If I remember correctly there was some change in this area. I will investigate and report back. In the meantime I disabled the field and everything is running smoothly.  

Thanks! Smile
Nice!! :-)

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