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Webservices : missing methods

starting to play with webservices to create an independant interface 
so far , i was able to create the list view with columns labels, and related to names
but i had to check field by field 

i'm trying to duplicate the listview windows and notice methods missing

- how to get the list of all filters of a modules
- how to get the details of a filter : list of columns, conditions block
- how to get the query 

it's like rewriting the Customview.php file

what suggestions/ ideas ?

There is only support for the default filter of the connected user in each module via the GetFilterFields method:

From the list of fields you have to setup the query.
The conditions of the filter are not sent, this is supposed to be simply a way for the administrator to define which fields he wants to see in the webservice view, all other conditions must be manged in the client.

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