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document management

is there any good open source document management system which can be integrated with corebos?

Any ideas / exeriences?

We started an integration with OpenKM a few years ago but it never got anywhere. I can undig the code and share it but it is in a REALLY basic state.

I have seen some comments about Alfresco (I attach some notes I have).

In general I have never seen an integration working.

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Thanks for the update

if i can get a starting point (your code for ex) , i can make it work and customize it and reshare it to you

Alfresco seems for me too complex to use
openkm seems fit
kimios also but it seems not being developped anymore
I uploaded the code to github:

start asking, I will try to recover context and help all I can.
System is up and starting working with

however, can you please remove the xdebug_disable(); function?
it breaks the installation if php does not have this function
or maybe :

starting to take form :

1. retrieve list of folders from OpenKM
2. Saving file save the document inside OpenKM
3. Download works and retrieve the file content from OpenKM

- creation of folders : directly inside openkm

Todo :
- add categories inside document detailview
- create a document in corebos when creating a document inside OpenKM

any other ideas?

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Wow! Sounds much better than I remembered, good work.
Please submit pull requests or share the code if you can.

I think I would start asking what are the goals of this integration? What functionality are you trying to fulfill? I mean saving and sharing documents can already be done. What are you looking for? What are the benefits?

i have an implementation where it is require to save a copy of all documents (electronic - papers) for each potentials/ projects
ie all files has to be scanned and linked to the potential
it has around 20-50 documents per potential organised in subfolders
actually we have around 2000 documents and it's growing fastly

i had previously added subfolders to document module but the document module become a mess to manage and slow

i need also to manage permissions and versions of documents and a document previewer (google docs is not an option as there are some security reasons behind)

there is also a need to backup all files

i had a look at openkm and it look easy to use

the benefit would be that i let openkm manage all storage of documents and only data records are kept in corebos


each user should be synced with openkm. however openkm does not provide webservices for user management
i'm looking into how it can be done easily
I understand.
Let me know if I can help.

I contacted the guys at OpenKM at the time, they were very reasonable and willing to help. We could explore that path if you need to enhance the application in some way. They will probably be willing to do it.

Keep me informed.

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