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How To Merge 10 Spreadsheet Into One

I am using 10 spreadsheets, having multiple tabs and data but not following the same order and my question is that how can I marge them into one.


Bringing various spreadsheets with their tabs together into one isn’t so straightforward, but somehow it is possible when the right approach is followed. Here's a simplified method:

1. Convert each tab's data into a table: This works with Excel to identify data sets.

2. Use Power Query:

- First, move to the 'Data' tab and choose 'Get Data', then 'From Other Sources', and lastly, 'Blank Query'.

- In Power Query Editor, apply the formula =Excel.CurrentWorkbook() method to select all tables.

- Merge the table by clicking the double-headed arrow and choosing the columns you need to be united.

3. Close & Load: Upon clicking Excel will extract a new table that combines all data from all tabs.

Be sure to update the data in case you modify the core spreadsheets. This approach quickly brings your data while also allowing you to update as well as define in one place.

For a more detailed guide, you might want to check out some tutorials online that walk you through the process step by step - https://youtu. be/NCzf0_oFO6g

Hope this helps!

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