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Work on Schedular has begun
Great, nice that we have a tool like that.

What is parent_id anyway? Just for my understanding of the application.

Someting that's not wuite clear to me right now. When I use the webservice creation to create an event that is assigned to a user other than the current one (and not an admin user) the event still gets assigned to the admin user (user ID 1). When I use the webservice tool and select the calendar I get:

Can create: 1
Can update: 1
Can delete: 1
Can retrieve: 1

Is the '1' here user no. 1? Or is the '1' more a boolean here? When I go to the 'sales man' profile (to which my other test users have been assigned) I can't permit them to create entities.

Right now I manually update the 'smownerid' field in the 'vtiger_crmentity' table after I create an event through a second query but there has to be a more 'in-app' way of doing this. Being so that the purpose of this module is that a 'planning user' can assign events to other users this is kind of a critical thing. I can still manage to do it, but it feels kind of hacky.

About the parent_id, nevermind. I see that it is the 'related module'....

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