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Work on Schedular has begun
Ah, yes. Now I recall a previous discussion we had about this. I'll adjust my query to add the webservice ID dynamically from the database. Is there any 'neat' way of easily retrieving these booleans while creating an event? This way I could maybe generate an error message in case someone tries to create an event for which they have no rights, which would be better than it simply not working without giving a reason.

BTW, I get a lot of strict standard errors when creating an event (for development purposes I set error reporting to strict), is that some old vtiger behaviour you are still working through? The event saved nontheless and in the production version I will eliminate this so I can use the return message.

==== UPDATE ====
I use the webservice now and the event gets assigned to the correct user, so all is well.
Use vtws_listtypes to get the information you see in the developer tool. There you will be able to consult the permissions that the user has.

Yes, I am working on the strict errors, among other things. I recommend you deactivate strict for the moment.
Ah great. I'm not near creating user permissions but this will be handy when I get to that stage.

I know, this is only turned on for development now but I'll turn it off I think. Just need the fatal errors.

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