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Using the standard 'create invoice from salesorder' in workflows
I've created these files (yes, I should have used one commit in stead of four):

The update process works. The problem is when I try to create a new workflow using this task, I get the following:

Fatal error: Declaration of CreateInvFromSO::doTask() must be compatible with VTTask::doTask(&$data) in {$MY_SERVER}/modules/com_vtiger_workflow/tasks/ on line 88

Nevermind. I forgot the '&'. Apparently this is a reference function.

Okay, the complete set is as follows:

I've tested this, and it works for me. Also the number of days added to the creation date works. This does not take into account weekdays/business days, it's just days. Please review the code and let me know where it could be better. Please also test this, I've done so but I don't know if there are any caveats left...

Hm, I seem to have found one bug that wasn't there before: the product lines aren't transported to the invoice anymore. This worked in my tests before, but not anymore.

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