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Using the standard 'create invoice from salesorder' in workflows
Quote:About the label 'pdoInformation' to 'LineItems': even if this was wrong, the workflow still should've worked. I transfer the complete $wsso array into $data first, thereby creating a label called 'pdoInformation' in the $data array. I create the LineItems label as a copy since I thought this is what the system wanted on invoice creation through webservice. Although this worked in a separate testfile, it does not when you use it in a workflow. I wish there was a better way of debugging workflows, so I could see what's going on..

you are right, that should have worked.
it is not easy to debug workflow tasks, we have created the separate background.log file, which you can write to using the global variable $logbg
That may help a little as we basically use that log for background tasks like workflows.

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