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corebos 5.5 release information

Just a quick note to inform that we have run into a minor issue in the 5.5 release. It turns out that the recent updates of firefox browsers have implemented a 5 minute timeout for page response. During our testing of the 5.5 release we have passed that limit in some of our slower machines during the install process. Although the browser can be configured:

network.http.response.timeout in about:config

since we have changed a good part of the install process already we are going to add support for a step by step informative install process. That will happen this week.

Thus, the bad news is that we have to wait another week. The good news is that some other features I was holding back for 5.6 will get in to 5.5 and also a few security enhancements I caught this past week while working on another parallel project.

I'll keep you informed...

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