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Problem with webservice methods and inventory modules
I can confirm this works as you said. I need to convert the amounts to the user's format before sending them in. This does mean that when I want to only update a salesorder status, I have to retrieve the amounts, save them somewhere, convert them to the user's format and send them back in, even though I didn't want to change them at all. Is there any way we could get the user's currency format from the webservice API? I've now hardcoded this, but this makes it not-so-flexible.

This means another thing as well: my portal users don't have access to the amount fields. I have to grant them this permission (even though I store the amounts out of sight) to retrieve them, so I can send them back in the correct format.

I remember now we can use revise. Let me see how to implement this in the client. Could I do this through the Invoke?

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