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Adding a variable to the workflow expression engine
Will do and get back to you

Thanks for the great video. This thread has - during time - gotten polluted with a lot of messed info by me. First of all, the original question was wrong. Partly because at the time I was working on an old installation (which I'm trying to upgrade now), which may have caused some effects that the more recent versions long fixed. Secondly, the question should not have been: how do I assign a user on conversion. That is working like we wanted out of the box now, and we have a lot of options to alter that behaviour now. My main problem is (and this should have been the original question): how do I get the salesorders and invoices to ALWAYS default to the currently logged in user when duplicating.

Say you have a salesorder that is assigned to user A. User B logs in and wants to duplicate this salesorder. I want to make sure that when user B hits the duplicate button and the new, to be created salesorder opens in the edit screen, that salesorder is by default assigned to user B. Not user A, who was the assigned to user in the original salesorder. To be clear: I don't want the user related to a record, I want the currently logged in user (which we would get by
PHP Code:
global $current_user->id 
when we code.

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