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What is the 'Application_Storage_Directory' Global Variable
I saw this GV, along with 'Application_Storage_SaveStrategy'. What do they do? Could we for instance work with owncloud or nextcloud?

The variable that you need for you need is Application_Storage_Directory. This variable is to indicate a new root directory for storage.

Application_Storage_SaveStrategy is for indicate the strategy of directory names when you save a document into your root directory storage.
Now, by default, when you save a document is create a year/month/week into storage. Now you can indicate the paremeter "crmid" to create a directory with the crmid of the record that you are relating a document.

You can check the code on function dicideFilePath here:

Can an Application_Storage_Directory value only be set to a folder in the corebos root though?
I think yes. I think that this new folder has to exist on corebos root directory. But maybe you can try to create a link to your owncloud directory. I've not tested it, yet.
You can set the variable to any directory that is freely accessible by the webserver user. The only important thing is that the webserver user must be able to read and write to that directory. The main goal of this variable is to move the documents out of the webserver tree for security issues.

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